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"The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it’s over."


Nicholas Sparks

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My heart hurts. No scratch that, my mind hurts. Thinking about you, slowly kills me. I cannot find a place to stop for a little while and catch my breathe. So many false sources of substance trys to fill the void you placed in my heart. I just keep replying words that were never said. I can only stop the pain when I stop thinking about you, a process nearly impossible. Maybe if I stop breathing I would stop missing you. If I stop dreaming I could stop missing you. Maybe if I never met you and fell in love I wouldn’t be feeling like this. But, I just speak lies. Your love is much more enticing than the most lethal drug known to man. Without you, I’ve been going through a withdrawl so much stronger than heroine withdrawal. I try to fill the void with anything, just a taste here and there. But nothing, every can feed my hunger. I want to think youre the one missing, but really a piece of my heart is.

"Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."

- John 13:7 (via rainydaysandblankets)

Formation of Thought


Formation of Thought